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We do not give prices on this web site except for Senior Photos and with the exception of a sample price for weddings (see below). What we have found is that price shopping alone is not a very good idea in photography. If you buy a pair of shoes you can take them back and get another pair. With so much of photography the moment can only be captured once. No one is going to repeat a wedding, for example, just to get the photos. There are a great many variables that go into each and every photographic event. First of all you need to know the photographer. We need to know you and what you want. While we can usually arrive at a pricing to fit for you we are uncompromising when it comes to quality. Pricing can vary considerably based on what products you wish to have. Pricing can also vary somewhat depending on how far we have to travel. In all cases the photos taken will be of the highest quality.

Consulting with us costs nothing. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Senior Photos
This is the only type of photography for which I am giving a package price even though all items are negotiable. This pricing reflects a starting point from which to design your own package and price. The final price will depend on what products and procedures you may wish to add or detract. Things that increase that price could be additional prints. We also offer a variety of ways to decrease your costs. If, for example, you make a referral that is finalized (i.e. the contract is signed and paid for) we give you a rebate of $25. Meet with us to determine your unique package.

$650 covers session fee, 15 - 25 poses to choose from ... Studio, On-location and Outdoor Poses. Up to three separate locations within a 15 mile radius of downtown Lansing, MI. Other locations will require additional travel fees. Unlimited clothing changes within a one-half day maximum for job time. Job time is here defined as the time of actual photographing plus our travel time. It is also possible to take most, if not all, photos at or within a few miles of the studio. Package includes 1 - 8x10, 4 - 5x7s, 100 wallets, Yearbook photos. A la carte pricing is available for additional prints.

The phone number listed in the contact section is largely for leaving messages. Best way to contact us for an initial appointment is to use email or leave contact information for one of us to call back. Additional phone numbers are given to clients. Consult this website for any changes to policies and procedures.

Please note that the photos that are on this website are a small fraction of what we have taken. This was done to minimize the time required to access the site. When you schedule an initial appointment we can show you a larger sample that will be a minimum of about 50 8x10 prints shown in a folio. If you have some particular ideas of what you would like please come prepared to discuss. Numerous possibilities are available.

Weddings are wide ranging in price. At the low end someone may only want professional photos for just a small part of the wedding and only want images on CD. At the high end of the scale you would likely want much more of my time and want higher end products. For some larger weddings we may have one or more assistants. Some of the higher end products such as the hard-bound coffee table style photo books will add to the price.

A common price to photograph both wedding and reception is $950. For this price one receives all photos taken on media such as CD/DVDs. This is a huge value for most people because all photos are very high resolution digital photos that one can replicate at will and print in whatever manner the recipient may choose. Once you consider that you virtually own all photos with co-equal copyright status with the photographer and what all can be done with very high end digital photos this is an incomparable value. Some variation from this price will be made depending on several other issues that will be sorted out prior to contract signing.

We do not compromise on the quality of the photos taken. The pricing differential primarily reflects either or both the time required and the prints, albums and other products desired.

We ask that there be at least two face to face meetings before a final agreement/contract is arrived at. During the first meeting we both get acquainted and go over all details possible. Once a decision is made to hire us, a $50 fee is required to hold a date. One-half of the wedding fee is required within five months of the wedding date. Final payment is due on or before the wedding. At the time the initial one-half payment of the wedding is made a final meeting is scheduled to finalize and sign the complete contract. Phone calls, emails etc. may be needed in the interim.